Why choose a CLENSA Member?

When searching for a cleaning service you want someone who you can trust. You want the peace of mind to know that you are getting someone who can provide a quality service at the right price and you want someone who understands your requirements.

CLENSA has a mission to raise standards in the cleaning industry

  • Consumer confidence
  • Professionalism
  • Value for money

Independently assessed

CLENSA Approved members have been put through a rigorous assessment to ensure that they meet our high standards of excellence so that you can choose a clensa member with confidence.

We filter out the cowboys so you dont have to.

Clensa approved cleaning companies have demonstrated their training competence and their control over their management system.

The clensa approved logo is a symbol of an organisations commitment to excellence and consistently delivering customer satisfaction.



Committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

Clensa members can access our ongoing support which provides them with the knowledge, skills and competence to make continuous improvement in their business.

Clensa members are committed to continuous improvement

Mistakes happen but we know that clensa members have the systems to make amends. If you have exhausted a clensa members complaint procedure then contact clensa and we will investigate your problem.


How to choose a clensa member

Choosing a clensa member is really easy and straightforward.

Use our clensa member directory to search by your region or contact us to help you with your search.

Find out what the badges mean



All CLENSA Approved Organisations have proved that they:

  • Are a registered business with Companies House, or are a Sole Trader with a previous year’s tax return
  • Have appropriate and valid Insurance Policy for their business operations
  • Have a robust Cross Contamination Prevention Policy, Procedures, Training, and Equipment in place (colour coded cleaning to ensure the prevention of cross contamination between different areas i.e between toilets and kitchens)
  • Agree to our Code of Conduct, and Terms and Conditions of trading which extend to their business activities

Clean Secure – The Protection of Client Data


  • Operating procedures detailing the management of Client Information (showing that access is restricted)
  • Provide an Access Hierarchy Chart to show who can access client information
  • Confidentiality clause in Employment Contract to protect information on client’s premises
  • Evidence of robust vetting checks on prospective employees

Clean Assured – Quality Management


  • Evidence of a comprehensive Quote Sheet which is given to Clients to ensure complete transparency and visibility with regards to services provided and the costs of those services
  • Evidence of a Service Contract or Service Agreement to be issued if successful
  • Evidence of a Training Manual which will ensure a standardised service
  • Evidence of a tailored Schedule of Works to ensure same standard of cleaning each time regardless of person cleaning
  • Evidence of a Quality Assessment/Inspection Check procedure
  • Evidence of a Customer Complaints Procedure
  • Evidence of a Customer Complaints Record
  • Evidence of a Customer Satisfaction Survey

People in Cleaning – Human Resources and Performance Management


  • Evidence of a robust Application Process
  • Evidence of a robust Vetting Process
  • Evidence of an Offer Letter
  • Evidence of a robust Contract of Employment
  • Evidence of Staff Handbook, Induction Programme, Training Matrix
  • Evidence of Appraisal Process
  • Evidence of a Staff Satisfaction Survey
  • Evidence of an Exit Interview Procedure

Clean Safe Register – Health & Safety


  • Evidence of Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Evidence of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Evidence of Sub-Contractor Management
  • Evidence of Training Matrix
  • Evidence of the purchase of PPE
  • Evidence of Permit to Work System (if applicable)

Key Holder Approved – Keyholding


  • Evidence of a secure and appropriate storage facility for client’s keys when they’re not in use
  • Evidence of this storage facility access being restricted
  • Evidence of a coded identification system (no names or addresses on Key Fobs)
  • Evidence of the Master Identification List being protected (either password or lock and key)
  • Evidence of vetting of nominated key holders
  • Evidence of Procedures with regards to lost keys

Green Clean Scheme – Environmental


  • Evidence of their Energy Monitoring Form
  • Evidence of their Waste Reduction Pledge
  • Evidence of their Standard Operating Procedures regarding Waste Removal
  • Evidence of using cleaning products which comply to EU Detergent Directive 2005 – 2004/648/EC and EU Biocidal product Directive 98/8/EC
  • Evidence of Training Matrix

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